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New York Artist Partners with Nike

New York artist Brian Donnelly, who goes by the name Kaws, is a Brooklyn-based designer who works alongside many big-name brands. But in his recent project for sports giant Nike, he’s going back to his roots—graffiti-based street art. Nike and … Continue reading

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The History of the Patriot Radio

The Patriot Radio is an iconic symbol of American nationalism, and as such, it couldn’t be more relevant to today. At a time when many people fear that the U.S. has become increasingly xenophobic, the Patriot Radio offers some clues … Continue reading

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Traditional Upscale Art Meets New-Age Technology

Jeanette Hayes took the Internet by storm and has now taken over the art and fashion industries of New York as well. At the ripe old age of 26, Hayes has become New York’s favorite new artist. Hayes, originally from … Continue reading

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The Art Students League of New York

A group of artists banded together in 1875. They were students at the National Academy of Design in NYC, primarily women. They decided that they wanted to start a new art school after rumors that their school was going to … Continue reading

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