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I am a local artist from Brooklyn, NY. I love art, design, books, photography, gardening and blogging.

Street Art Goes Commercial

Street art is a controversial topic; some view it as vandalism while others view it as craftsmanship. But instead of condemning the practice, perhaps New York City ought to take a few pointers from Los Angeles. An increasing number of … Continue reading

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Feeling Uncomfortable? Good.

As odd as it sounds, there are a lot of good reasons to spend some time with art that makes us uncomfortable. Pushing boundaries can change the way we think about the world and each other. Whether it makes us … Continue reading

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Today Marks the Grand Opening of Africa’s First Contemporary Art Museum

After more than ten years in the making, the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa has finally opened. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, the museum is an architectural masterpiece with strong historical roots. Built at the site of a … Continue reading

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The Quinquennial documenta* Art Exhibition

The first documenta took place in Kassel, Germany in 1955 as a means to bring Germany back into a dialogue with other nations after World War II. The Kassel painter and academy professor Arnold Bode (who had been banned from … Continue reading

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de Young Offers a Peek into Regional Art

San Francisco’s de Young Museum has been part of the city since 1895, connecting visitors with art from around the world. Particularly since its redesign in October of 2005, it’s been a welcoming way to experience regional art, in particular … Continue reading

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Rei Kawakubo Exhibit at The Met

Rei Kawakubo, originally an artist from Tokyo, grew up in a household that enjoyed Western culture as an aesthetic, on the grounds of Keio University where her father worked. It was a fertile upbringing, blending art styles from around the … Continue reading

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Remembering Iconic Photographer Arlene Gottfried

The Gothamist describes Arlene Gottfried as a “singing photographer and NYC treasure.” That seems like an epitaph to be proud of. The Brooklyn-born artist, sister to actor Gilbert Gottfried, passed away on Tuesday, August 8th, 2017. Her name may not … Continue reading

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