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I am a local artist from Brooklyn, NY. I love art, design, books, photography, gardening and blogging.

Rei Kawakubo Exhibit at The Met

Rei Kawakubo, originally an artist from Tokyo, grew up in a household that enjoyed Western culture as an aesthetic, on the grounds of Keio University where her father worked. It was a fertile upbringing, blending art styles from around the … Continue reading

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Remembering Iconic Photographer Arlene Gottfried

The Gothamist describes Arlene Gottfried as a “singing photographer and NYC treasure.” That seems like an epitaph to be proud of. The Brooklyn-born artist, sister to actor Gilbert Gottfried, passed away on Tuesday, August 8th, 2017. Her name may not … Continue reading

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Artist Commits to Drawing Every Restaurant in New York City

So far, John Donohue has over 100 drawings on his website, Each one is a simple line illustration, done in twenty minutes or so, of restaurants in New York City. The end-goal of the project (which he calls “intentionally hyperbolic”) … Continue reading

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MFA Exhibits Offer Opportunities to Share and Explore

Whether it’s striving to elicit a specific emotional reaction, make a statement about society at large, or simply showcase diverse approaches and new media, MFA exhibitions give graduating students the opportunity to share the results of their hard work and … Continue reading

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Highland Park’s First Art Installation Consists of Giant Flowers

Highland Park (located in Brooklyn near Queens) is a renovated reservoir park on a high hill in the thick of the city with views that include East New York, the Rockaways, and the ocean. It has a playground and a … Continue reading

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Fans of Alexander Calder Can Now See His Sculptures in Motion at the Whitney

Collectors of Alexander Calder‘s sculptural art have a conundrum—his pieces were made to move, but displaying them that way risks damaging the delicate mobiles. A single piece may have hundreds of delicate wire links and joints. But they are meant … Continue reading

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Love to Draw? Check out The Sketchbook Project

Hidden in an unassuming building on a Brooklyn street serrated with empty lots and construction projects is a secret gem. High white shelves line an airy, quiet room with “welcome” written across the wall. Each shelf is jam-packed with varicolored … Continue reading

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